Goodbye Everything and a Racehorse

An ode to blogging days of yore...and a welcome to my Substack readers!

The 90’s, those heyday years for weary Gen-Xers, are truly over. I am leaving Everything and Racehorse behind, and starting a new chapter of writing here at Square Peg Round Hole.

Everything and a Racehorse was the name of my blog since we blogged on Blogspot. Remember those days? It sprang from a sunny afternoon on a boat in Geneva, where I mused that it would be a good title for a band. Hey, it was the 90’s. I never founded that band, so it eventually became my blog.

The problem is, it never really meant anything. Square Peg Round Hole, my working title for the new endeavor, does.

Lately, while spending a ton of time alone in the woods, or my apartment, or really anywhere (#pandemic), I’ve been thinking about all the ways I really don’t fit in. I can hear you now - oh sure, Jodi, everyone feels like that! I know, it’s not an original thought. But I’ve come to start believing that the not fitting in is the fun part…at least when I can remember to enjoy it.

So in the days and weeks to come, I’ll be writing about that. And also about hiking, travel, dogs, photography…and I’ll really try to avoid politics because…well, yeah. Occasionally I might link you off to someone else who’s doing that better than I am.

Speaking of, a big thank you to Isaac Stern at Tangle, a much more focused and disciplined writer, who used to be a reporter, who gives me a daily (fantastic) newsletter of political news, for bringing me here to Substack. You should subscribe to Tangle - it’s awesome. The thing about this platform is that it allows writers to offer paid subscriptions to their newsletters; I’m not fancy enough for that yet, but maybe someday. Or maybe not. In the meantime, I like the idea of Substack - straightforward writing with the occasional photo thrown in there - and an email subscription model. Because we all get a lot of crap email, and I’d like to contribute to the not-crap portion of your inbox.

So if you’ve found your way here, welcome! I hope you enjoy my words, and if you do, that you’ll spread the word.